One of Toronto’s top 10 salads!

Thanks, BlogTO, for ranking us number 4 in the city! Reviewer K-Borg says “Salad Days FTW. I go there almost every day for lunch. Extremely fresh, huge portions, plenty of options, and ridiculously inexpensive.”

Our reviewers on Yelp have ranked us 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars!

Our freshly made tabouleh



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3 responses to “One of Toronto’s top 10 salads!

  1. Georgette

    Hello, I’m a salad lover, love the variety you have. But one thing I didn’t expect the server to touch the vegetables by hand YES by hand, and placing their worn hand gloves on the salad dressing bottles, door of the small oven and counter, who knows if that person was cutting raw meat and comes out to serve with the same gloves. I was kind disappointed. As I was going toward the cash register…I mentioned my criticism but I don’t think she understood! I still want to buy only if the management bring this awareness on how to handle foods to the employees.

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